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If Boywankers.com was a country, it would be larger than Montserrat with its 6,951 daily visitors!
Nr. Country Population World Percent
213 Palau 20,000 N/A
214 Anguilla 15,000 N/A
215 Tuvalu 10,000 N/A
216 Nauru 10,000 N/A
217 Boywankers.com 6,951 -
218 Montserrat 5,900 N/A
219 Saint Helena n16 4,500 N/A
220 Falkland Islands 3,000 N/A
221 Niue 1,500 N/A
So these 6,951 daily visitors,
lets put them in perspective!
1 in every 239,774 internet users visit Boywankers.com daily. Boywankers.com gets 6,951 internet visitors per day, now imagine that they would all come together.

This means you would need at least 9 Airbus A380's to seat the visitors.
Airbus A380 - Seating: 800+ People
The A380's upper deck extends along the entire length of the fuselage, and provides seating for up to 853 people in all-economy class configurations.
If these 6,951 daily visitors stand hand in hand and form one long straight line, it would be 8 kilometers long.
Boywankers.com Demographics
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Nr. Country Percentage
1 United States 33.6% CA
Server & Power Consumption Information
The average Boywankers.com visitor visits about 2.1 pages before leaving again, this means that their servers handle about 14,597 page views per day and in term a total of 0 page views per second.

We estimate that this website uses 1 server(s), and with the average internet server using about 2,400 kWh of electricity per year, Boywankers.com will use more or less 2,400 kWh of power in that time span. Looking at the average cost of 0,17c per kWh, this website uses an estimated total of $408 USD on electricity per year.